This past Spring at MGBC we did a churchwide series called, “The Gospel: God’s plan to redeem sinners through the life, death, resurrection, and return of Jesus.” The main points of that series were: (1) God created us and we are accountable to Him. (2) We are doomed because of our inherent sin nature and need rescue. (3) We were so lost in sin, but God sent His only Son, Jesus, to be our Savior! (4) Finally, when we realize what the Savior has done for us, we should respond with faith and repentance. In turn, we receive the free gift of salvation.

This Series: Salvation is both an event and a process that takes place throughout our entire lives. Over the next 5 weeks we will look deeper into that process. The day we come to Christ we are declared righteous (Justification) and we are called holy by God (Positional Sanctification). Through the work of the Holy Spirit, we then grow spiritually in our lives putting off sin and putting on Christ in our actions, words, and deeds (Progressive Sanctification). We will one day be ultimately rescued from this world and sin when we are ushered into eternity because of Christ (Glorification).

  • Sunday Morning Worship: We will run a 5-week series starting 10/16
  • ABF Classes: Classes will follow a 4-week lesson plan starting 10/23
  • Children’s Worship: In addition to their regular lessons, we will be teaching our kids about the same concepts their parents will hear during our Sunday messages.
  • Life Group Discussions: Groups are encouraged to use our Sermon Reflection Questions starting 10/16
  • Wednesday Night Youth Group: Students will meet in small groups for discussion starting 10/19
  • Forged & Refined: Discipleship Groups starting the week of 10/16. Make sure to sign up in advance to receive all information!

We also have a 5-week Bible reading plan that will match all of these messages and discussions. It’s important for us to dig deeper into Scripture outside of our formal church setting and this is a great way to do that.

"REscue" Bible Reading Plan