Moms Matter

What is “Moms Matter”?  

Moms Matter is a meeting time designed to provide encouragement, community, and spiritual growth for moms of children aged newborn to teen.

If I were to come, what would it be like?

  1. Arrive at MGBC, park in the lot, and enter through the door on the left.

  2. Not bringing kids with you?  Walk down a few steps and through the door on your right into the large common room.

  3. Bringing kids?  Come a little early to check your child(ren) into childcare.  Head up the steps and follow the check-in procedures.  (Then do (2) above.)

  4. Sign in and get a name tag from the welcome table.

  5. Get a drink and/or snack if you’d like.  Oh yeah, SNACKS* are PROVIDED!

  6. Find a seat to sit and relax, stand and chat, or some other combination of those actions!

  7. Someone will formally welcome everyone, and then we’ll begin.  The meeting time usually takes the following format:  icebreaker, discussion, craft (from time to time), Mentor Moment, dismissal to pick up child(ren) (if necessary).

* - coffee, hot tea, water to drink; delicious snacks to eat!

Meeting Dates & Topics

Meeting Time: In general, we meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 9:30-11:30am, September through May.

Meeting Location: Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church- park in the lot, enter through the door on the far left; go down a few steps, then through the door on your right into a large common room


2022-2023 School Year Theme:  Priorities!

September 8


October 13 

Priorities:  Family Bonding

November 10 

Priorities: Community

December 8 

Priorities: Spiritual Health

January 12 

Priorities: Self-Care

February 9 

Priorities: Marriage

March 9 

Priorities: Finances

April 13

Priorities: Media

May 11

Priorities: Free-Time / Recreation

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Steering Committee & Mentor Moms

Moms like You - “Real” Moms who Really Matter!
  • Meet LaurA...

    During my (many!) years of participation with Moms Matter, my 3 now-teenaged children have grown from diapers to driver’s licenses; from coloring pages to college applications. I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made and the support I’ve received from this group.  As much as I love my kiddos, I would not consider myself a natural nurturer, so having input, fellowship and understanding from other moms has been a blessing!

  • Meet Connie…

    I was asked to be a mentor in 2008 when Moms Matter (formerly MOPS) began.  My three daughters, one son, four grandchildren, and 48 years of marriage have provided lots of practical experience.  Hopefully what I’ve learned can help moms as they attempt to navigate life with children.

  • Meet Erin…

    My friend introduced me to Moms Matter after my 2nd child was born and I went from being a teacher to a stay-at-home mom.  Finding a community of moms like those involved with Moms Matter really meant a lot to me during that transitional time.  Now, I help out on the Moms Matter Steering Committee.  I hope that other moms who attend are able to find and appreciate the encouragement and safety that I found and still find here.