Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes provide an environment where people can connect in fellowship and engage in a more intimate study of the Bible. Study topics change throughout the year and offer a wide range of themes. 

ABF classes meet Sunday mornings at 9am. Locations specified below.

Family Worship ABF Series videos

  • Newlywed & engaged Couples


    TEACHERS: skip & Kerry Jeffries and Pastor Rudy & Lindsey sheptock

    Class Overview:  This class is for newlywed & engaged couples.  Marriages in our country are in trouble. The statistics say that almost half of marriages end in divorce.  Sadly, there is not much difference between Christian’s and non- Christian marriages. This class is geared to help build a lasting foundation by seeing God’s design and purpose for marriage.

    Topic:  This class will start with how to create a foundation that leads to a God-focused marriage.  

  • Young Adults

    Location: Upper room (above youth room)

    TEachers: Lee Strappello, Matt & Rita Biddle, Pastor Ryan & Laura Ritchey, Ryan Deitle, class members, and Pastor Brant Leidy

    Class Overview: Geared toward college students and young adults under 24.

    This fall the young adults will be covering two different topics.  First, Pastor Brant will be sharing about Roman (Biblical) Cultural backgrounds from his trip to Rome last Fall.  These 5 sessions (throughout the next few months) will provide a better understanding to the Biblical world so we know how to apply the Bible to our lives today and appreciate where we have come from in Christianity.  The second topic the young adults will cover is the book “Asking for a Friend” - answering questions young adults in our culture ask:  Is There a God and does that matter? How can I find peace in a stressful world?  Why do people feel so isolated and lonely? If God is good why does pain exist? What does the Bible say about justice? Doesn’t science refute the Bible? Aren’t all religions basically the same? Isn’t believing in Jesus a blind faith?

  • No Greater Joy

    Fellowship Hall

    Teacher: Marcus Yeatts and Pastor Rudy Sheptock

    Class Overview: This class is devoted to encouraging one another as parents.  Our class name comes from 3 John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth."  We have parents with kids from newborns to college age and our primary focus is on raising kids who walk in the truth.   

    Topic: God’s call to discipleship and worship isn’t just for outside the home but inside. Family worship is the intentional exercise of Scripture reading, prayer, and singing together as a family. As many parents know, obedience to this calling does not come without its challenges. Pastor Rudy will be leading a 6-Week ABF series on “Family Worship” that will meet in the Fellowship Hall as part of the No Greater Joy Class, but anyone interested in working through the Scriptures, history, and practical help on this subject is welcome to attend!

  • Son Seekers

    Multipurpose Room

    Teacher: Pastor Brian McCaLL

    Class Overview: The make-up of the class is not age specific. While some of the participants have younger and teenage children, many are “empty nesters”. This broad range of life experiences makes the Son Seekers appealing to a wide array of ages.

    Topic: The Son Seekers Adult Bible Fellowship Class will continue our study from Henry Blackaby's book, Experiencing God.  In part one of our study, completed earlier this year, we found out that God wants to work through his people.  We learned that seeking God's will is about joining God in the work that he is already doing around us.  In this second half of our study, we will see how God reveals his plans and purposes through the Bible, prayer, the church and life circumstances.

  • Ambassadors

    Basement- classRoom 005

    Teacher: Tom Schneider and Chris Dunn

    Class Overview: Varying ages from middle age through retirement age regularly attend the Ambassador class each Sunday. They enjoy spending time together in class as well as outside the class at regular social events. 

    Topic: The world teaches us to revolve our actions, thoughts, and beliefs around ourselves. “It’s all about you!” we are encouraged to think. In the world’s philosophy, we become the author and hero of our story. But the Bible teaches a different view, one where another hero—the actual Author of life—takes center stage. In the book of Job, God asserts his preeminence and displays his power. This class will explore the overriding truth that we exist not for ourselves but to glorify the God who deserves all worship and praise.

  • Berachah

    Room 101 (Behind Multipurpose Room)

    Teacher: Danny Horton

    Class Overview: The Berachah Class is generally comprised of men and women ages 55 and over.

    Topic: Heading into the fall, the Berachah class will continue a series of studies in the book of Acts. Exciting things were happening as God built His church. And the church grew incredibly quickly as believers were obedient to Christ’s final command to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. But there were problems too. We will be seeing what we can learn from the early Christians, how they worked through the challenges before them and how we can emulate their passion and commitment to Jesus.