Adult Bible Fellowship

Please note: There will be NO ABF CLASSES

December 25th and January 1st.

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes provide an environment where people can connect in fellowship and engage in a more intimate study of the Bible. Study topics change throughout the year and offer a wide range of themes. 

ABF classes meet Sunday mornings at 9am. Locations specified below.

  • 12-Week Elective: Christian Essentials

    Runs through December 18th

    Basement classroom 001


    Class Overview: This class is open to anyone who would like to take a closer look at the essentials of the Christian faith. We would love for anyone to join us, including:

    • New Christians
    • New attenders to MGBC
    • Christians or non-Christians who have questions about our faith
    • Attenders who aren't connected to an ABF class yet
    • Longtime Christians who would like a refresher on some basics so you can be better equipped to share with others

    Remainder of 2022: 

    November 27th • "What does MGBC believe?" 

    December 4th • "Current Role of the Church--Gifts & Service"  

    December 11th • "You and the Church--where can I serve"

    December 18th will be a class Christmas social.

  • Young Adults

    Pastor Daryl's House

    205 Spring Street, Martinsburg

    TEachers: Pastor daryl, pastor Brant, Lee strappello, Matt Hepner & Laura Ritchey

    Class Overview: Geared toward college students and young adults under 23.

    Remainder of 2022:  Many in this group will one day experience marriage. For the remainder of November & December, we will work through a mini-series of what marriage looks like according to God.

  • No Greater Joy

    Fellowship Hall

    Teacher: Marcus Yeatts

    Class Overview: This class is devoted to encouraging one another as parents.  Our class name comes from 3 John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth."  We have parents with kids from newborns to college age and our primary focus is on raising kids who walk in the truth.   

    Remainder of 2022: For the 4-weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas, the No Greater Joy class will be doing the 4 weeks of Advent.  We will be looking at attributes of Jesus as we complete an Advent series by JD Greear.  We will be focusing on Jesus as we prepare to celebrate his birth on Christmas.

  • Son Seekers

    Multipurpose Room

    Teacher: Pastor Brian McCaLL

    Class Overview: The make-up of the class is not age specific. While some of the participants have younger and teenage children, many are “empty nesters”. This broad range of life experiences makes the Son Seekers appealing to a wide array of ages.

    Remainder of 2022: Guest Speaker (Teachers Choice):

    November 27th • Pastor Rudy

    December 4th • Brian Frederick

    December 11th • Pastor Brant

    December 18th • Class Christmas Social

  • Ambassadors

    Basement- classRoom 005

    Teacher: Tom SchneideR

    Class Overview: Varying ages from middle age through retirement age regularly attend the Ambassador class each Sunday. They enjoy spending time together in class as well as outside the class at regular social events. 

    Remainder of 2022: Teacher’s choice: Each week there will be a new & exciting lesson looking at God’s word and how it applies to us today.

  • Berachah

    Room 101 (Behind Multipurpose Room)

    Teacher: Danny Horton

    Class Overview: The Berachah Class is generally comprised of men and women ages 55 and over.

    Remainder of 2022: For the short 4-week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Berachah class will be looking into the oh-so-familiar story of Christmas. Though most of us are very, very familiar with the events surrounding the remarkable birth of God’s Son, perhaps we will see them from some different angles. All of Scripture is God’s Word, and we will set out to see how some narratives from the Old Testament fit into and complement the Nativity story.