God created us to be with Him, but when sin came into the world it strained our relationship with Him. There is nothing we can do on our own to fix this. But... Jesus (God Himself in human flesh) came, lived a sinless life, and died on the cross paying the price of our sin. He rose back to life and conquered death – offering eternal life to everyone who believes. Our restored relationship with Jesus isn’t just for the future – it is for now. This is good news!


The gospel – this “good news” of Jesus Christ – is the central message of all of Scripture. In Spring 2022, we will be diving into the story of the gospel. In each ministry at MGBC, we will offer opportunities to dig deeper into Scripture with these goals:


  • Mature believers will be better equipped to share the gospel with others.
  • New believers can put words to what has happened in their hearts.
  • Unbelievers will hear a clear gospel presentation.

Here is what to expect this Spring


Sunday Morning Worship will include a series on the central elements of the gospel: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.


MGBC Kids will focus on lessons that match the sermon series topics during children’s church. This will allow families to discuss the same topics afterward.


ABF Classes will go through a 4-week study that follows the book “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert. This would be a great time to try an ABF class for the first time.


Synergy Youth will meet on Wednesdays as usual for worship and will include small group discussion time to discuss each week’s message with practical application.


Forged & Refined groups will run from March 27th through April 30th. We will focus on the areas of Bible Study, Prayer, Service, Self-Discipline, and Accountability (Physical Care challenges are optional this round). This will include a daily reading plan in the Psalms that follows the gospel themes from Sunday's message. Groups will meet weekly to discuss what they are learning and pray for each other. Click here to learn more about Forged & Refined.


Life Groups are encouraged to sign up as Forged & Refined groups and utilize our Discipleship Resources.


Men’s & Women’s Ministry Teams will help to put together new Forged & Refined groups. If you are interested in joining but don’t have a group, we will match you up with other men and women in the church.


We are excited for this church-wide focus and hope you and your family will join us!

If you are a leader of a ......

  • Life Group
  • Forged/Refined Group
  • Bible Study
  • or a Youth group leader

and would like the accompanying book "What is the Gospel?" written by Greg Gilbert,

Click here for your complimentary copy.