Spiritual Growth:

Complete all 5 daily devotionals this week (2 points per day)

Week 1 Devotionals (Bible App)

Relational Growth:

  • PRAY WITH your spouse or a close family member/friend on at least 2 different days. Before you begin, ask them what specific needs they have. Pray out loud together. (3 points)
    ○   If you are unable to meet this person face-to-face, you can complete this assignment over the phone.
  • PRAY FOR your “potential disciple” for at least 2 different days. Pray that he will grow deeper in his knowledge of Jesus and the Gospel. Ask God to give you opportunities to point this person to Him. (3 points)
          MARRIED: Complete an important task for your wife this week. Talk with her first to see how you can truly serve her. (Examples: clear her car, paint a room in the house, run the vacuum a few days).
          SINGLE: Complete a task for a family member or friend this week. (Examples: washing a car, preparing a meal, helping with housework)
          (3 points)
  • BONUS: Complete all 3 Relational Challenges (1 point)

Physical Growth:

  • CARDIO: Walk a minimum of 1 mile or 15 minutes 3 days this week. Feel free to break this assignment into smaller increments if needed. You may also replace this with another form of cardio exercise (running, biking, etc.) (3 points)

  • STRENGTH: Complete a total of 25 push-ups 3 days this week.  Feel free to break this assignment into smaller increments if needed. (3 points)

  • NUTRITION: Exchange your fluid intake to only water for 3 days this week. (3 points)
    ○   Alternative: If you are following a diet or under doctor’s orders that contradict this assignment, count 3 points if you complete the entire week without “cheating”.

  • BONUS: Complete all 3 physical (or alternative) assignments (1 point)

Alternative assignments for those unable to complete Physical Growth assignments:

These can replace cardio and/or strength assignments if necessary.

  • Memorize John 1:1-5 and recite to your partner, group, or spouse (3 points)

  • Watch 3 videos from The Bible Project on RightNowMedia (3 points)


Successfully complete this week abstaining from your personal "crutch".

  • Complete week with 0 "cheat days" (10 points)
  • Complete week with 1 "cheat day" (5 points)
  • Complete week with 2+ "cheat days" (0 points)


Meet with your partner or group this week over the phone or face-to-face.

  • Talk for at least 10 minutes. Don't just rush through everything. (5 points)
  • Discuss your progress in each area: Relational, Physical, Spiritual, Fasting. (5 points)