Church History

The Grace Brethren Movement began in Schwarzenau, Germany, when Alexander Mack and seven other people were baptized by trine immersion. Because of their commitment to God's Word, this small group grew to about 1,000 people in seven years. In 1719, twenty of the families sailed to America. The remaining Brethren followed.

In 1871, the group became the German Baptist Brethren, which divided into three groups, including the Progressives, in 1881-1883.

The Martinsburg First Brethren Church was organized January 13, 1883. It met at various times at Snider Crossroads and sometimes at the Union Church in Fredericksburg until 1901 when the building was moved to the corner of Wall Street and Woodlawn Avenue in Martinsburg. The building was renovated and enlarged and continued to serve the congregation until 1960.

In 1960, the church dedicated a new sanctuary and an educational wing at the corner of South Mulberry and State Streets. The church completed a parsonage in 1970, and an extension to the educational wing in 1979. A year later, the church changed its name to the Martinsburg Grace Brethren Church. In 1995, the church built the present sanctuary and eventually converted the parsonage to office space and a conference room for our pastors and support staff.

Our church belongs to the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.