Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes provide an environment where people can connect in fellowship and engage in a more intimate study of the bible. Study topics change throughout the year and offer a wide range of themes. 

ABF classes meet Sunday mornings at 9am beginning September 5th. Locations specified below.

  • Christian Essentials Elective

    Basement-Room 001



    Class Overview: This class is open to anyone who would like to take a closer look at the essentials of the Christian faith. We would love for anyone to join us, including:

    • New Christians
    • New attenders to MGBC
    • Christians or non-Christians who have questions about our faith
    • Longtime Christians who would like a refresher on some basics so you can be better equipped to share with others

    This Quarter: During this 12-week elective, we will look at the story of the Bible through Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. The story starts with a world that was created to be perfect. Man was made in God’s image, but that image was distorted because of the fall of man as sin entered the world. Because of that, our hearts are inclined to sin and desperately in need of a Savior. We will look at how Jesus came to redeem us. He lived a perfect life, died, and suffered God’s wrath in our place. But then, He rose again defeating death and giving us the hope of eternity with Him where all things will be restored. We will also look at how God uses the church in His plan of restoration.

    Click here to sign up for this 12-week elective class.

  • Young Adults

    Pastor Daryl's House

    205 Spring Street, Martinsburg

    TEachers: Pastor daryl, pastor Brant, Lee strappello, Matt Hepner & Laura Ritchey

    Class Overview: Geared toward college students and young adults under 23.

    This Quarter:   For the months of September through December, the young adult's class will be completing its series on the book of Romans and will start a new series called "7 Myths about Singleness"

  • No Greater Joy

    Fellowship Hall

    Teacher: Marcus Yeatts

    Class Overview: This class is devoted to encouraging one another as parents.  Our class name comes from 3 John 1:4 "I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth."  We have parents with kids from newborns to college age and our primary focus is on raising kids who walk in the truth.   

    This Quarter: This fall, we will be taking a road trip to Truth.  We will be discussing the question, What is Truth?  and some other of life's biggest questions.  We will be looking at topics like evolution, the Bible, the existence of God and the nature of truth itself.  We will be equipping ourselves as parents to lead our children in a society that looks at these topics very differently than we do as Christians.

  • Son Seekers

    Multipurpose Room

    Teacher: Pastor Brian McCaLL

    Class Overview: The make-up of the class is not age specific. While some of the participants have younger and teenage children, many are “empty nesters”. This broad range of life experiences makes the Son Seekers appealing to a wide array of ages.

    This Quarter: A lot of things can be going right in our lives, but if our relationships with others are in turmoil, nothing else really matters.  All of us deal with relational struggles.  Perhaps it is a co-worker, neighbor, friend, child or spouse.  Relationships are hard work.  While having a connection with others can be a joy, sometimes these associations are met with discord.  Jesus is a relationship expert.  Not only does Jesus show us how to have intimacy with God the Father, he gives us important principles on how to bond with each others.  Tom Holladay, in his book, The Relationship Principles of Jesus, outlines 6 foundational principles that can guide us in our relationships with others.  We will take an in-depth look at these transformational concepts taught by Jesus. 


  • Ambassadors

    Basement- Room 005

    Teachers: Tom SchneideR

    Class Overview: Varying ages from middle age through retirement age regularly attend the Ambassador class each Sunday. They enjoy spending time together in class as well as outside the class at regular social events. 

    This Quarter: In a world that is unsure of where to find truth or purpose, the book of Acts stands apart. It reveals God’s plan for global redemption, his purpose for our lives, and the power he has given us to accomplish his mission.  We will discuss while using a video study from Louie Giglio to walk through the story of the early church.   Acts may have been written two thousand years ago, but God is calling us to be a part of that story today.

  • Berachah

    Room 101

    Teacher: Danny Horton

    Class Overview: The Berachah Class is generally comprised of men and women ages 55 and over.

    This Quarter: Though the Berachah class has not been meeting for the majority of the past year due to concerns with the Covid 19 virus, we are going to re-start the class the Sunday, April 11. As we get back together once again, the topic we will be studying is not yet decided.