Youth Urban Hope TRip

March 16-18, 2018

C.E. National, which is the organization that oversees our district Urban Hope trip, has requested we do registration a new way this year. If you have a Momentum account you can register under your family account, if you do not have one you will have to set one up. Ben Long, who is the youth pastor who oversees our trip, has been requested that all youth groups going to Urban Hope register under his church, Liberty Grace Johnstown, Pa. When it comes to paying your $65, DO NOT pay online but make out your checks to MGBC. 

Click here to go to CE National's registration page.

Below are instructions for registration:

  • Log into your account (If you do not have a family account you will have to set that up).
  • At the Family Account Dashboard click on the words near the top that say "change the church" (they should be blue).
  • On the next screen there is a dropdown box under choose church. Select PA Johnstown -- Liberty GBC.
  • Click save.
  • You should then be back on the Family Account Dashboard.
  • You can now click on "start registration".
  • In the box that pops up you should be able to select "West Penn District, PA" under Urban Hope.
  • Go through the rest of the registration but DO NOT PAY online.
  • Once you are registered for Urban Hope, you can go back through the steps to change your church back to your home church.