Adult Bible Fellowship

Below is a list of the Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes being offered starting June 3rd.

ABF classes begin at 10:30 am each Sunday.

  • Launch (Young Adults)

    221 Mulberry St. (Knepper's Home)

    TEacher: Jeff Knepper

    Class Overview: Young Adults (18-30 years of age) meet at the Knepper's home each Sunday morning.

    This Quarter: We are working through a six-week series that teaches us to view our Work as Worship! We will study that for most of us, the ministry field will be in vocations that are not ministry related. We hope to discover God’s original intent for work and how we can bring Him glory thru good work. We also will learn how to share our faith with co-workers by the way we live our lives, treat others, and do our jobs. Following this series, we will begin another six-week series on extreme poverty. We will examine why poverty exists, what the Bible teaches about the poor, and as Christians, what are responsibility to the poor includes.

  • Young Married Couples

    Room 002 (Basement)

    Teacher: Pastor Tim Park

    Class Overview: This class strives to confront the needs of those men and women who are in the early years of their married life. Participants are generally between the ages of 20 and 35.

    This Quarter: The Young Married Class is doing a “you asked for it” series this quarter. We are covering a number of topics ranging from how to parent as a Christian in a fallen world, to how to talk about the tough things with your children. We are even planning on having a couple special speakers (couples that have been through the parenting thing and made it) near the end of the quarter.

  • No Greater Joy

    Fellowship Hall

    Teacher: Marcus Yeatts

    Class Overview: This class is attended by parents predominately in the child rearing years. Bible study and discussion center around topics of interest to young families.

    This Quarter: In March, we will begin a 6-week session about the talks that we need to have with our kids as they grow up. Kids are exposed to many things at earlier ages in our hyper-sexual culture and as parents, we need to be ahead of the game in teaching our kids how to live God-honoring lives. We will be watching a video series from RightNowMedia called "The Talks" and will learn about talking to kids ages 6-16 about sex, social media, dating, pornography and other topics. After this, we will begin a 6-week study of the book of Titus based on a video series by Chip Ingram. He challenges us to display the gospel in our lives through doing good. We do good works not to earn God’s favor, but as a result of God’s favor."

  • Son Seekers

    Multipurpose Room

    Teachers: Pastor Brian McCall

    Class Overview: The Son Seekers Adult Bible Fellowship is made up of a group of individuals, studying topics relevant to today, in an effort to follow after Jesus Christ. We strive to study the word of God and, through His Holy Spirit, make application to our lives to live for Christ within our culture and circumstances. The format of the class is generally interactive in nature. The make-up of the class is not age specific. While some of the participants have younger and teenage children, many are “empty nesters”. This broad range of life experiences makes the Son Seekers appealing to a wide array of ages.

    This Quarter: Outside of the gospels, perhaps no other book of the Bible exalts Jesus Christ like the letter to the church at Ephesus. In keeping with our overall theme of Exalting God, we will take a 12-week journey through the book of Ephesians. Throughout the 6 chapters we see Christ’s work to redeem all nations of the world, his provision of spiritual gifts, the importance of maintaining unity in the young church and the free gift of salvation by grace through faith alone provided by our Lord. Join Pastor Brian as we Encounter Ephesians.

  • LampLighter

    Room 001 (BASEMENT)

    Teachers: Pastor Brant Leidy & Tom Schneider

    Class Overview: This class is made up predominately of parents of youth and young adults.

    This Quarter: For the month of March, we will continue our study from the Max Lucado book, “Anxious for Nothing” on how to deal with stress in our lives which is all around us. During April and May, we will study various “teachers' choice” topics and will invite the class to suggest some topics which could be focused on during the lesson time.

  • Ambassadors

    Room 005 (Basement)

    Teacher: Steve park

    Class Overview: Varying ages from young adult through retirement age regularly attend the Ambassador class each Sunday. They enjoy spending time together in class as well as outside the class at regularly scheduled social events.

    This Quarter: We will begin a study on the book of Galatians, in which Paul defends his apostleship and sets fourth the believers liberty in Christ to do works of righteousness.

  • Berachah

    Room 101

    Teacher: Danny Horton

    Class Overview: The Berachah Class is generally comprised of men and women ages 55 and over.

    This Quarter: During the spring quarter, the Berachah class will continue its study into the life of Moses, one of the true giants of the Old Testament. From the amazing circumstances surrounding his birth to his encounter with God in the burning bush to the parting of the Red Sea, Moses’ life was far from humdrum. As we look at the life of this great man of God, we will learn that he was far from perfect. But through his successes and failures, we can learn much about how to submit ourselves to God’s will for our lives.