Adult Bible Fellowship

Below is a list of the Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes being offered.

ABF classes begin at 10:30 am each Sunday.

  • Launch (Young Adults)

    221 Mulberry St. (Kneppers' Home)

    TEacher: Jeff Knepper

    Class Overview: Young Adults (18-30 years of age) meet at the Kneppers' home each Sunday morning.

    This Quarter: Starting December 9th, the Young Adult Class will meet to discuss the

    sermon from that morning.  We will examine the passages of Scripture and further elaborate on the points that were outlined during the service. 

  • Young Married Couples

    Room 002 (Basement)


    Class Overview: This class strives to confront the needs of those men and women who are in the early years of their married life. Participants are generally between the ages of 20 and 35.

    This Quarter:  The class will be following the Bible study “Unstuck“ with the teachings of Mark Batterson, Francis Chan, Lisa Harper and Rich Stearns. “It's easy for Christians to find themselves caught up in the life of cluttered schedules, rhythms, and routines dictated by our culture. Many feel stuck in the routine of life—their jobs, relationships, and daily circumstances. The “Unstuck” Bible study has been designed to help guide you out of the ruts and pitfalls that so often ensnare us all.  Let’s get back on the path to a life of purpose that God intended for us.”

  • No Greater Joy

    Fellowship Hall

    Teacher: Marcus Yeatts

    Class Overview: This class is committed to prayerfully supporting one another in the difficult but important job of parenting. We have parents of children of all ages in our class, and we hope share our successes and failures. We also study the Bible to see what God's Word has to say to us about a variety of topics.

    This Quarter: For the winter quarter, the class will be using the series "Love Like That" and we will be discussing the ways that Jesus loved people and how we can then love like Jesus in our relationships with spouses, children and friends.

  • Son Seekers

    Multipurpose Room

    Teachers: Pastor Brian McCall

    Class Overview: The Son Seekers Adult Bible Fellowship is made up of a group of individuals, studying topics relevant to today, in an effort to follow after Jesus Christ. We strive to study the word of God and, through His Holy Spirit, make application to our lives to live for Christ within our culture and circumstances. The format of the class is generally interactive in nature. The make-up of the class is not age specific. While some of the participants have younger and teenage children, many are “empty nesters”. This broad range of life experiences makes the Son Seekers appealing to a wide array of ages.

    This Quarter:  Christmas is only a few weeks away.  We know that Jesus came into the world to die for our sins and reconnect us to the Father, but He also came into this world to reveal God the Father to us. In this 4 week video series by Andy Stanley called, “Why in the World”, we will discuss what it is that Jesus taught us about God.  Following the Christmas break, we will look at how we can best apply the teachings of Jesus to our lives in a series by Andy called “Life Apps.”  

  • LampLighter

    Room 001 (BASEMENT)

    Teachers: Pastor Brant Leidy, Tom Schneider, & Brian Frederick

    Class Overview: This class is made up predominately of parents of youth and young adults.

    This Quarter: Currently, the Lamplighters class is studying Colossians.  We are using a short video clip by Louie Giglio each Sunday and then we discuss together the topic for the day.  In our study we realize that what we think about Jesus really matters in our lives.  Jesus impacts what we say, how we treat others and even what we think.  Jesus is supreme over all of creation and over our lives.  Jesus impacts who we are in every area of life.  We are “alive in Christ” as Christians and that helps us each day live a successful life.   

  • Ambassadors

    Room 005 (Basement)

    Teacher: Steve park

    Class Overview: Varying ages from young adult through retirement age regularly attend the Ambassador class each Sunday. They enjoy spending time together in class as well as outside the class at regularly scheduled social events.

    This Quarter: The Ambassador Class will be continuing their study in the Prison Epistles, specifically Ephesians.  Presently, we are studying Paul's prayer for the saints in the Ephesian Church. Other topics we plan to cover are Family Relationships, the Christian's Warfare, as well as a few others. 

  • Berachah

    Room 101

    Teacher: Danny Horton

    Class Overview: The Berachah Class is generally comprised of men and women ages 55 and over.

    This Quarter: The study topics for the Berachah Class will be split for the winter quarter. For the month of December, the class will wrap up its study into the mysterious beings we call angels. Looking into the final chapters in the book Angels by David Jeremiah, we will discover ways that we can imitate angels in our worship and our work for Christ. Then to kick off the new year, Jerry Stern will be teaching a series on the 12 minor prophets of the Old Testament. Given the environment of self-gratification, idolatry and debauchery these people lived in, there is much we can learn as we apply God’s messages to the prophets to our own present-day culture.